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Both books are written for the pregnant woman, her birth partner, grandparents, beginning doulas and new birth professionals.  The content is evidence based and the studies, where possible, are referenced.  At the end of most chapters, you will find a birth or breastfeeding story that complements the topic.  Knowledge is power.  Enjoy!

Cut Your Labor in Half: 19 Secrets to a Faster and Easier Birth - 3rd ed.


Are you worried that your labor will be long & difficult? Are you frightened of the pain of contractions or dreading induction? Is your birth partner unaware of how to support you or massage you during childbirth? Do you want to learn breathing techniques or pushing positions that can help you avoid a tear? If you answered YES to any of these questions, put this book in your cart now.

This review says it better than we could:
"This is my 4th pregnancy, and I thought I had read every book out there on labor and delivery. Well, I was wrong, and this is the BEST book I’ve read about concrete, practical, evidence-based techniques to shorten labor. This is not a book about positive birth affirmations (though I love those too); this is a book that gives you tips and strategies that I wish I had known with my previous deliveries. It’s a quick read and will leave you feeling more confident and prepared. Buy it!"

Written with input from hundreds of women who have given birth with all types of complications, this book is backed by evidence-based research and has been recently updated for Covid-19. It also contains real birth stories, illustrations and humorous anecdotes.

This book will appeal to the new millennial generation of pregnant women, birth partners and supporters, childbirth educators and professional healthcare workers who are short on time and want to see immediate results. According to the Author, “labor has increased in length by an average of two hours over the last 30 years and this book looks to cut the average labor in half by reducing fear and educating the next generation of parents”.

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Breastfeeding Doesn't Have to Suck! Tips, Tricks & Knowledge for a Great Experience


Today's pregnant woman recognizes the many benefits of feeding her baby her own breastmilk and feels immense pressure to breastfeed, BUT she is also bombarded with endless horror stories of damaged nipples, worry over low milk supply and guilt if she uses formula. Highlighting advice from today's breastfeeding mothers, professional lactation consultants and the latest research, Breastfeeding Doesn't Have To Suck presents an unbiased guide to help make a daunting experience great.


Starting from the moment of birth, you are chaperoned through topics like the effects of labor & delivery procedures on the milk supply, attaching and latching with little pain, creating a dependable milk supply and anticipating problems beforehand. Most chapters are accompanied by memorable anecdotes, tips, breastfeeding stories, chapters for support partners and quick review summaries. This book will appeal to the will appeal to anyone who wants to improve the breastfeeding experience and help readers avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks of breastfeeding that lead to giving up while empowering through education and skill building.

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Pregnant Again? A Childbirth & Breastfeeding Refresher

Congratulations on your pregnancy - here we go again! Whether it was ten months or ten years ago since the last baby, going through childbirth and breastfeeding again can be a daunting prospect – especially if your previous experience did not go as planned. In Pregnant Again? A Refresher for Childbirth and Breastfeeding, we offer a comprehensive yet concise review of the entire process from baby bump to breast pump. We examine how our choices affect birth outcomes and how to achieve the best possible results. Starting with a look back at previous labor decisions, we review the fundamental stages of birth, re-examine the secrets to shaving hours off of labor and scrutinize the benefits and risks of labor interventions including induction and cesarean section. We also delve in to how labor can impact the baby’s weight gain (or loss), how to avoid pain when breastfeeding and take a deep dive into creating the best possible milk supply.

Written specifically for women who want a refresher or did not have childbirth or breastfeeding education previously, it is an updated and condensed version of Cut Your Labor in Half: 19 Secrets to a Faster & Easier Birth AND Breastfeeding Doesn’t Have to Suck: Tips, Tricks and Knowledge for a Great Experience.

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